10 Ways to Look Younger, Better and Healthier in 2019

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Such stylish accessories and a great outfit can only look good when you feel good about yourself. You would be able to feel good when you are healthy. When you are healthy from the inside out you would also look younger than your age. So if you are looking to refine your health goals and get fitter and younger in 2019 here are a few things to do –

  1. Hydrate your body- this is the first step to supporting different health and fitness goals and also have healthy looking skin.
  2. Indulge in a healthy no side effect detox routine. This would help improve your gut health and also enable your skin to look radiant.
  3. Go for a run every morning or at least when you find the time. Running can be very effective in weight loss and general fitness. It is also good for your skin when you sweat after a run.
  4. Clean eating habits that eliminate junk food and processed food are good for the skin and overall health.
  5. Choosing the right type of makeup and keeping it simple whenever you can, ensures that your skin is allowed to breathe.
  6. Follow effective measures to handle your stress. Most of those who suffer from premature signs of aging are those who suffer from stress.
  7. Protect your skin all-round the year. Use the right type of moisturizer based on your skin type. Use a sunscreen to protect your skin from damage caused by prolonged exposure to harsh direct sunlight.
  8. Wear the right accessories like scarves, sunglasses, and hats.
  9. Work on ways to improve the quality of your sleep if you need to feel healthy and look good.
  10. Switch to organic products, the ones that are free from skin damaging chemicals for skin care.