9 Things to Consider When Deciding if Plastic Surgery is for You

Every year thousands of individuals go under the knife in the hope of becoming the proud owners of a better body, better face, better nose, and the list go on, totally oblivious to the risk associated with surgery. It is therefore important to consider if plastic surgery is needed in the first place.

  1. The reason for choosing plastic surgery: Since cosmetic surgery is not without risks, you must have a valid reason and not have decided on the spur of the moment.
  2. How will the surgery change your life – Cosmetic procedures cost money primarily, hence you must assess your financial situation before committing to surgery.
  3. Are you ready emotionally and physically? Only those who are not diabetic and don’t suffer from hypertension and heart disease can opt for it. Emotionally too one must be prepared that the final results might not be what is expected.
  4. Are there any health benefits:  You must consider if the procedure is important your self-esteem or it will provide relief from physical problem or condition?
  5. Is surgery the only option: If you are opting for plastic surgery just to improve your looks you must explore the various other options like changes in lifestyle, diet, exercise, and makeup.
  6. Are you happy with your decision: Are you doing it willingly or under pressure from others? Discuss with loved ones to put things into perspective.
  7. What are the risks involved?  Are you aware of the risks and are you prepared to face them?
  8. What are the aftercare procedures? Do you know how long the recovery period is and what are the precautions you must take to quicken healing and prevent infection?
  9. Who is the doctor:  Ensure the plastic surgeon is certified and has sufficient experience in the field.

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