Five Tips to Protect Your Child from Obesity

Use the following tips to protect your child from obesity:

  1. Make them play physical games:  We know that your child already plays for a long duration.  Sitting in one sport and playing those video games is not fine.  It is the source of all diseases which can spoil your child’s future.  Children easily gain weight because of lack of movement.  So, make it compulsory for them to play outdoor games daily.  Take them to the garden space/nearby park and ask them to play ball.  When kids start enjoying the game they run and walk a lot.  They burn all their calories.  These games will make them immune and taller.  Check for a wide range of play items on the site of Doodlebuckets.
  2. Walking short distances:  Engage them in helping with errands.  Make them walk or cycle short distances.  They can visit nearby shops to get a few items required by you. Never make it a habit for them to travel in a car for even places which can be reached by walk.  Create a lifestyle for them where there is adequate physical activity.  They will grow as healthy human beings.
  3. Swimming/yoga/tennis as a hobby:  Every child needs a hobby.  Any hobby which involves burning calories can prevent obesity.  You can make the kids take part in tournaments.  They will find it interesting to win prizes.  That way you need not compel them in order to prevent obesity.  The initiatives will come from the kid’s side.
  4. Diet care:  Being lazy and eating more snacks is hazardous.  This is the main reason for obesity.  Make them eat more vegetables and fruits.  Give homemade sweets/pastries with less sugar.
  5. Good sleep and fewer gadgets:  Spending long hours on mobile phones and pods can disrupt sleep.  Place a restriction on the hours they can spend with gadgets.  Ensure they have adequate sleep.  Lack of sleep results in obesity.